This is how we spend our money

This is how we spent our money

Inspire2Live is a voluntary organisation, but our staff is compensated for their activities. 

To be able to pay them, we rely upon donations. Some of these come from philanthropists and others from organisations that want to support our work. Our Annual Congresses for example, have been supported by the Dutch Cancer Organisation and CZ, a health insurance company. 

We also get donations from other organisations. Two beautiful examples are: 

  • € 110.000 from a fundraiser that sympathised with Inspire2Live
  • € 150.000 from a small not-for-profit pharmaceutical company that also sympathised with Inspire2Live and stopped their activities

So far, our donations were of an ad hoc character. 

Our spending

We spend our money in bringing together the stakeholders in the medical industrial complex via congresses, symposia and Discovery Networks. 

Out of our connection activities mentioned before many initiatives have been started. You find them in our achievements. 

We are the patient’s voice in cancer