We are the patient's voice in cancer

If about us, not without us

We are on a mission to inspire and empower patients, researchers and clinicians to work together to prevent, treat and eliminate cancer.

The patient's voice

When we all think that healthcare is for the benefit of patients, we think we should be part of the discussion and the decision proces. When about us, not without us.

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What we do

To achieve our goals we connect stakeholders in the medical industrial complex and organise congresses and discovery networks. Out of this many initiatives have been started.

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Our impact

These initiatives have changed the way we work in research and healthcare for the benefit of patients. This is done globally and with respect to all local situations.

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We are the patient’s voice

In our mission, we are the patient’s voice in cancer, because there is too little patient’s presence in decision making on cancer research, treatments and regulations. Patients need to be represented. Everywhere and not only the ones in the future.

By being the patient voice, we can create more options for a life of quality around cancer globally, faster. With our voice, we act as a catalyst. We connect patients, physicians, researchers, government, payers and the industry to initiate projects, make plans and help them implement projects for the benefit of patients. We also contribute by lobbying, making contacts and financial support.

Sarper Diler

people like you and me get cancer per year and that's a worldwide number

people like you and me die of cancer per year worldwide

countries worldwide collaborate in Inspire2Live to prevent cancer

patient advocates & scholar activists work together to prevent cancer

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Meet Our Patient Advocates & Scholar Activists

A Patient Advocate is an inspired and committed individual with a unique gift to accelerate better cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatment and after care. We meet up to support each other and create bigger impact.

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